Firmly grounded for safe performance.

Flooring systems from TERRAGUIDE® are in use wherever the ground to be covered is wet or marshy, slippery, unnaturally hard or uneven and the first choice for sites which are difficult to cross. They are also the best choice for protecting surfaces like well cared for lawns from harm. TERRAGUIDE® is the ideal solution for providing access to your event and allowing both guests and staff to move around freely.

Event staging areas and workplaces are comfortable places to walk stand and interact with TERRAGUIDE®.

DFB-Fanshop auf gutem Boden - TERRAGUIDElawn protection with TERRAGUIDE!no entry barries - the edging strip from TERRAGUIDE can help you!high funktional and  and simply beautiful - the entrance to KOMOS AG in Switzerland!
Flooring with TERRAGUIDE!anti-fatigue matting for stand-workplaces with TERRAGUIDE!
accesses to tents and festivals - with TERRAGUIDE!we love lawn - covering with TERRAGUIDE after 2 weeks!TERRAGUIDE - feeding ground with soft touch feeling!anti-fatigue matting for stand-workplaces with TERRAGUIDE!Thank you visitors - we got new friends :-)
TERRAGUIDE - we protect golf courses and sports fields!clean shoes on dirty ground - Terraguide!a good base for outdoor fair stand - TERRAGUIDE!trade show flooring - TERRAGUIDE!TERRAGUIDE at theBike Festival in Riva del Garda / Italy!
event areas - TERRAGUIDE!please enter the party - TERRAGUIDE!don't worry about waiting time - you stand comfortable with TERRAGUIDE!access ways - TERRAGUIDE!trade show flooring with your message - TERRAGUIDE with individualized edging strip!
trade show flooring - TERRAGUIDE!landscaping - TERRAGUIDE!TERRAGUIDE - we protect golf courses and sports fields!if you need a tent-floor - TERRAGUIDE!if you need a tent-floor - TERRAGUIDE!
TERRAGUIDE: the comfotably camping foor for awnings!covered sorage areas to protect the gras - TERRAGUIDE!clean shoes on dirty ground - Terraguide!TERRAGUIDE: the comfotably camping foor for awnings!

TERRAGUIDE® is the last word in mobile flooring systems. For safe and secure walkways and event areas. The first choice of event managers and exhibition organizers, for work stations as well as protection for well cared for lawns.